About Us

Out of pure frustration for the way the print and marketing industry operates, ctrl+p was born. By trade, the owner, Jason Devor, worked in the real estate industry for years. He grew a successful real estate brand for himself, and later opened a real estate office in Lake Elsinore, CA. The amount of printing a real estate agent should be doing to properly market themselves AND their properties can be cost prohibitive. In addition, does the average business owner truly know the difference between GSM, lbs, and pts? Or how about the difference between offset, digital and gang runs? No, a gang run is not a printing company operated by a gang. LOL. 
Ctrl+p offers print and marketing solutions for all types of businesses and individuals. We offer competitive pricing along with a superior product. When you go with ctrl+p, you are choosing to support local business and choosing to be happy with the finished product. We keep it really simple around here…. Print Local. Save Money.
We look forward to helping you with all of your print and marketing needs.